When Dyanne Davis asked me to be her blogging accountability partner, I had trepidation. I wanted to say no but how could I do that? Writing, writing anything is battle between your fearful self and your courageous self. So, I asked myself, are you about to say no because of fear? The answer was yes, I was afraid. Fear of judgment, ridicule, embarrassing myself. FEAR that horrible four-letter word that makes me want to shut off the lights and hide under the covers in the fetal position sucking my thumb cuddling my blankie. (I never had a blankie like this, but I might consider getting one.)

I felt like needed to try to control the blogging situation, so I wrote down a long list of inspirations to help keep my blogging ideas flowing on a day when my brain had run dry.

Here are a few of those ideas on a much longer list. I won’t bore you with the entire list:

*Writing quotes/Inspiration

*My friends’ achievements

*Photos I’ve taken

*My writing journey

*Places I want to visit

I’m glad to revisit this list because it’s giving me some great ideas for future blogs! When I blog again in a few weeks, I will have returned from Nationals and will have the experience to share. See you soon! Think about your inspirations and how you push your fear aside.

Here is a fun picture I took last week. Can you find the frog (really, it’s a toad)?

IMG_0123 (1)


Dyanne Davis’ book Secrets of the Orient is now on sale. Check out her blog to see what she has to say about this book!

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