Cici Edward Romance WriterMy name is Cici Edward. I love books! Reading them and writing them.

As an avid romance reader for many years, I always knew I wanted to write a romance novel of my own. As a kid, I created a list of five life goals. One of those goals was to write a romance novel. I am happy to say that I have been able to cross that off my list (along with visiting Venice, Italy). Once I wrote my first novel, the passionate flame for writing burned inside me and one book was not enough.

I write Contemporary Romance novels with ghost stories. If you like sweet and steamy paranormal romance, you’ll love my haunting ghost stories with heart. The first book in the series is Possession of the Heart. My short story, The Last Gift, The Possession Series is in the Windy City Presents: A Lovely Meal Anthology, available for sale on Amazon.

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As a high school teacher, I am also interested in teen struggles. Teens inspire me with their intense emotions of love, loyalty, anger, and a need for justice. I want to convey these emotions in my Young Adult stories. When I’m not writing, I love being walked by my Great Pyrenees who never lets me forget to smell the flowers.DogFlowers

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