Why do I read?

My love for writing comes out of my love of reading. Why do I read? I find reading is my number one way to relax. Reading while taking a bath is even better! It is no secret that my favorite genre to read is romance. There are a few reasons why I love this genre the best:

1) I know there will be a happy ending. This is fun for me because I know a little secret. I know a secret that the characters don’t know. They will have a happy ending and it is fun to go through the mishaps that will lead to the sweet end. We all know it’s not the destination. It’s the journey.

2) The main characters are women. I love strong women who love strong men. I also love quirky characters too.

3) Goodness will prevail. Evil will lose. Right makes might and love wins out. In romance, this is always true!


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